Chipku Yellow Sticky Trap Catcher Both Side Butter Paper 200×300.

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Sticky traps work by making use of the fact that insects are instinctively drawn to the respective colour of the traps as well as the light reflected by them. This causes the insects to fly towards the traps and get stuck in the glue. Yellow/ Blue Sticky Traps attract pests like whiteflies, aphids, jassids, leaf miners, etc. A sticky trap attracts all the flying insects, which harm the crop. Sticky traps are used to monitor and detect the spread of pests in the field. Controls up to 60 to 80% of pests with sticky traps. The use of sticky traps keeps the crop safe for a long time. Sticky traps are easy to use in crops. Sticky Traps are eco-friendly and not toxic. Simply hang above your crop at regular intervals and count insect catch regularly to determine population size and source of the problem.


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