Chipku A4_White sticky insect glue trap /white sticky paper

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Chipku A4_White sticky insect glue trap /white sticky paper /Glue board for chilly capsicum for control black thrips Pack of 25.

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Chipku white sticky trap is the best solution to get rid of problem of insect attack. Insects like Whitefly, Jassids, Aphids, Thrips, Fungus Gnat are responsible for major yield loss as they damage the fruits and crops in many ways. Installing sticky traps in farm prevents the yield loss by attracting and capturing this harmful insect. The trap has an advanced technology of natural attraction which is useful for agriculture field, gardens, farm, terrace garden and farmhouse. Using sticky trap is organic way of farming which completely minimizes the use of chemical insecticides. It creates zero pollution zone in farm and garden with maintaining pest-free clean environment. Before mass trapping note the quantity of insects getting stuck each day. If you observe that the sheet is getting filled 20% the start mass trapping also use 30 sheets of sticky traps for per acre.


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