Chipku- Mini Insect Solar Trap with Yellow and Blue UV LED

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Chipku Mini solar insect trap with auto solar charging on off sensor with yellow and blue UV LED lights ( Garden & Farming Trap)

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Mini solar trap attracts and catches only crop damaging insects and harmless to friendly insects, Chipku mini solar trap works in dual nature as it is provided with LED and alternate pheromone lure holder.Insect attack is one of the reason to cause fungal and viral diseases in crop which is responsible for major loss in production Trap attract the insect with Uv led Light and catch them in water container

The mini solar trap is best insect control device which captures over 1200 species of insects. The energy sources are classified as renewable and non-renewable. Renewable sources are those which are available to us for infinite time. Sunlight is one of those renewable sources of energy which plays significant role in our life. Best device for modern farmers. An efficient insect trap designed to provide 100% control on harmful insect pests in farm. Mini solar trap works in dual nature as it can be used with combinations of species-specific pheromones. This device is useful for early detection of new infestation of insects in farm, which notif

ies the presence of pests so as to start pest-control measures. This trap is not only designed for agriculture purpose but also it for the gardening use. This trap can control all types of garden insects with keeping pollution free environment. This trap is designed with good quality material to ensure multi-season use and can work properly in severe weather conditions. So the chipku mini solar trap is best combination of eco-friendly technology works on renewable energy. It is leading towards modern farming with sustainable development


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